Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Sincere Apology from my Capricious Self

Hello Blogger,

I must admit I owe this blog a sincere apology. I originally created it to document my travels while abroad and to colorfully write about my experiences and well-being. This I unfortunately did not follow up on. I was too busy having the time of my life! Which I do not regret, but sometimes I get so frustrated with my lack of follow through on projects. I am a doer, I always go after what I want, but the more mundane things I tend to ignore. Now that I am back in Tucson, I am admittedly underwhelmed and frankly... bored. So I will take up blogging again in my free time, and make the best of the situation like I always do.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest, I will begin my first new blog post. It is a list of summer goals. Summer is approaching and it is the best time to take on accomplishments because of my lack of endless homework and studies.

Here is a tentative list of summer to-do's:

-Finish a book // I always start one but never finish. I am determined to read a novel, "The Beautiful and Damned"

-Make and save over $3,000 // I was a little overindulgent while abroad therefore I am now officially a broke college student, I figured I should have some savings because of graduation and the real world looming close by.

-Invest in a gym membership and GO at least 3 days a week // "Exercise improves your mood" is the truest cliche to ever be spoken.

-Treat yourself with respect emotionally and physically // I have not treated my body as a temple as of late which is a cruciality that must be addressed. I also need to promise to respect my emotions and if something(or someone) is not making me happy, I need to just end it. Not worth my stress or time.

-Lastly, just enjoy yourself // This is my last summer as a student, worry-free. I am the first to admit that I never have an issue enjoying myself. But I mean enjoy yourself in a healthy context... adventure, hike, camp, swim, take trips, flirt, love, be free. Enjoying yourself does not have to include any substances beside the sun and a free spirt.

As for now, I will begin my pledge to treat myself with respect and to healthfully enjoy life. It's good to be back :)

xx Ciao for now!


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